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Steam generators GV 45 – 100

Generatore di vapore a bruciatore

Generatore di vapore GV 45

Generatore di vapore

Bruciatore ad alte prestazioni

Generatore di vapore

Pompa di alimentazione

Generatore di vapore a bruciatore

Generatore di vapore GV 45

Generatore di vapore a bruciatore
Generatore di vapore
Generatore di vapore
Generatore di vapore a bruciatore

The GV series, complete with water pipes, are manufactured with a COMPLETELY WET and EXTRACTABLE combustion chamber and tube nest (patented system) which facilitates mechanical as well as chemical cleaning.


Main features:

  • In conformity with the P.E.D. 2014/68/EU.
  • Exempted from licensed operator
  • Exempted from first install verification according to DM 329/04
  • Production of dry saturated steam at a constant pressure
  • High efficiency > 90%
  • Low NOX emissions with gas or gasoline

The construction is characterized by:

  • Monobloc assembly
  • Easy maintenance accessibility to all components
  • Anodizied aluminium paneling
  • Stainless steel food tank directly mounted in the machine body
  • Adjustable support feet for perfect levelling
  • Total absence of refractory material
  • Extractable tube nest for easy mechanical or chemical cleaning
  • Burner installed above the generator PREVENTS aspiration of solvents which tend to stagnate in laundries, generating corrision

Electric control panel:

  • Quadro elettrico IP 55, in acciaio inox aisi 304, con comandi ausiliari a 24V
  • Quadro elettrico montato direttamente sulla macchina

Notes table:

The data shown in the following table are indicative only and can be changed at any time.

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GV 45 GV 100
Produzione vapore kg/h 45 100
Potenzialità resa kcal/h 27.000 60.000
Pressione di bollo bar 5,6 5,6