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Horizontal Autoclave 700

Sterilization autoclave 700x2000

Horizontal sterilization autoclave 700x2000mm

Autoclave di sterilizzazione 700x2000

Chiavarde per chiusura portello

Autoclave di sterilizzazione 700x2000

Autoclave orizzontale di sterilizzazione 700x2000

Autoclave di sterilizzazione


Quadro elettrico autoclave

Quadro elettrico con tastierino opratore e registratore dati

Quadro elettrico pastorizzatore

Quadro elettrico con PLC e tastierino operatore

Autoclave sterilizzazione

Autoclave di sterilizzazione 700x1000

Sterilization autoclave 700x2000
Autoclave di sterilizzazione 700x2000
Autoclave di sterilizzazione 700x2000
Autoclave di sterilizzazione
Quadro elettrico autoclave
Quadro elettrico pastorizzatore
Autoclave sterilizzazione

Sterilization Autoclave with cooling trough counter-pressure air system.

Work chamber cylindrical, convex ends and hinged hatch.


Main features:

  • In conformity with the P.E.D. 2014/68/EU
  • Steam heating
  • Internal Diameter 700mm
  • Manual insertion / extraction of the baskets from the front by means of specific trolleys

The construction is characterized by:

  • Monobloc assembly
  • Entirely built of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Easy maintenance accessibility to all components
  • Easy cleaning and sanitization of all components
  • Thermal insulation is made of high density mineral wool, stainless steel plate coated to avoid heat dispersion to the outside
  • Pneumatic tipping valves suitables for the management of all fluids and shut-off valves
  • Manual by-pass
  • Control and detection instruments for temperature, pressure and level inside the work chamber
  • Circulation pump
  • Baskets sliding on guides, that ca be moved by specific trolleys

Work chamber’s hatch

  • Swing mode con manual opening/ closing – with manual tightening fishbolts.

Electric control panel

  • Control panel IP 55 and auxiliary at 24V

Based on technical and production needs, this machine can be equipped with various types of electrical panel, which includes all the process sequence management equipment. The control panel is also always equipped with a PLC with a touch screen interface for the complete management of the working process, of the recipes, for displaying all the process variables and for storing the sterilization data, in compliance with 4.0 specifications. The electrical panels can be equipped with a printer for recording the sterilization data on the receipt.


  • Probe for direct detection of product temperature
  • Baskets of specific dimensions according to customer needs
  • Stainless steel trolleys for handling the baskets

Any version can be customized according to your specific needs and requests.


The data shown in the following table are indicative only and can be changed at any time.

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700x1000 700x2000
Diametro interno mm 700 700
Lunghezza utile interna mm 1.000 2.000
Capacità Litri 500 870
Pressione di bollo bar 2 2
Temperatura di progetto °C 133 133
Cestelli nr 1 2
dimensione cestelli mm 450x1000x430 450x1000x430
Lunghezza totale mm 2200 3150
Larghezza mm 1200 1200
Altezza mm 1200 1200