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Water heater – electric

Water electric heater

Water electric heater

Riscaldatore acqua elettrico

Riscaldatore acqua elettrico

Water electric heater
Riscaldatore acqua elettrico

The RAE series consists of electric water heaters

Main features:

  • Compliant with P.E.D. directive 2014/68/EU
  • Electric heating by means of resistances

The construction is characterized by:

  • Monobloc assembly
  • Thermal insulation in high density mineral wool with stainless steel sheet covering to prevent heat dispersion towards the outside.
  • Self-supporting base on which the oil circulation pump, the electric control panel and the control and regulation equipment are housed.
  • P.E.D. approved safety valve
  • Circulation pump

Electric control panel

Based on technical and production needs, this machine can be equipped with various types of electrical panel.

In any case, the electrical command and control panel includes all the process sequence management equipment.


  • Flow switch for fluid circulation control

Any version can be customized according to your specific needs and requests.

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