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LPV Caldaie

LPV Caldaie was born in 1988 as a company for the production of pressure equipment. It has gradually established itself on the international market for the supply of two specific ranges of products which are Industrial Boilers and machines for Food Processing.

Strengthened by its experience and with a young and dynamic staff, LPV Caldaie currently designs, manufactures, installs and tests each machine of its production and assists each customer, with a direct relationship and a specific service with high technological profile, ensuring a constant presence and specific solutions for every need both with the standard machines of its range and with special productions.

As an integral part of the overall quality of the company, an efficient and prompt after-sales service has always been offered and guaranteed, available all over the world, with specialized technicians, coordinated directly by LPV Caldaie.

Technical training for customer service and for continuous production and regulatory updates is one of LPV Caldaie’s strengths. LPV firmly believes that professionalism, specific to each component of the company, is a fundamental characteristic for developing and proposing cutting-edge systems and technologies that enable it to stand out among manufacturers on the international scene.

The current markets in which LPV operates directly or through supplies to other manufacturers mainly include Europe, Middle Eastern countries and various supplies all over the world. Commercial development provides for the direct approach to all countries bordering the Mediterranean basin, to new members of the European Union and to Eastern European countries.